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Different Types of Wall Tile Patterns & Designs

Different Types of Wall Tile Patterns & Designs

23rd Jul 2019

Patterned wall tiles are nothing new! However, now more than ever, homeowners are seeking visually stimulating wall tile patterns to draw intrigue, arouse curiosity and captivate interest.

Patterned wall tiles are a unique arrangement of the tile set in a pattern to create a certain image. Commonly, patterned wall tiles are created by arranging tile in a unique pattern. Nevertheless, mosaic tile patterns utilize multicolored tiles—and tile materials—to create interesting tile designs.

Overall, wall tile patterns are a powerful and practical way to add character to a space without overwhelming the room design. Keep reading to learn about our top wall tile patterns.

Wall Tile Patterns & Designs for Your Home Remodel

Today’s wide array of mosaic tile patterns and shapes allow for an easy home remodel. However, for the adventurous homeowner, these fun patterned wall tile may be the best alternative!

Basket Weave

Spice up your space with this trendy backsplash idea! The basket weave pattern creates the illusion of woven tile. This classic, yet understated, wall tile pattern adds personality and zest to complete a room.


Dial up the style with a Herringbone wall tile pattern. The distinctive “V” pattern of Herringbone is a flattering and interesting arrangement. Overall, the layout of the Herringbone pattern creates the appearance of an arrow pointing you in the right direction.


Whether you're seeking a bold room addition or tying the room together with a cohesive tile, the honeycomb wall pattern is a striking approach to kitchen tile design. The arrangement is a whimsical and light-hearted wall tile pattern that adds energy to its environment. Choose a single accent color or combine a hodgepodge of colors for vibrancy.

Running Bond

We return to the basics with the running bond tile pattern. The running bond, or traditional brick set, features staggered rectangles that run parallel to one another. This wall pattern is achieved with the classic subway tile in varying colors and textures to create an overall appealing backsplash.


Take a twist for the better with this diagonal wall tile pattern. The diagonal pattern is created with a mosaic of squares turned at a 45-degree angle into a diamond. This is a simple distinction; however, is a creative finishing touch to any space.


Treat your walls to this contemporary chic wall tile design. The diamond pattern in this eye-catching wall is created with two-tone button pieces to create a stunning accent wall. Even more, combine several materials to create a textured diamond wall design.

Get Started By Building Your Own Design

Wall tile patterns and designs are a simple yet alluring way to add character to any space!

Let Unique Building Concepts and their network of authorized dealers assist you in your home remodel. Unique Building Concepts has an array of mosaic tile patterns in varying colors and materials to best suit your room design.

In addition, create your own mosaic tile with Unique Building Concepts make to order service. Handpick your particular tile color and materials to be featured in a beautiful mosaic of your choosing.