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Rustic Backsplash Ideas for a Cozy Kitchen Feel

Rustic Backsplash Ideas for a Cozy Kitchen Feel

18th Jul 2019

There are plenty of examples of modern kitchen backsplashes on the market, equipped with high-tech faucets and stow-away spice racks. However, these fancy inventions tend to fall on the deaf ears of much of the general public. In reality, many regular homeowners want a cozy, rustic kitchen to enjoy a family dinner and entertain guests.

More now than ever, we are seeing a resurgence of rustic interior designing. Why?

Rustic design is reminiscent of rural areas—or the countryside—that inspires feelings of comfort. This trend is brought to life through naturally occurring materials and colors. Common motifs include exposed beams, dark woods, and heavy metal fixtures and decorations.

To complement this rustic design, there is a slew of tiles to create a cozy kitchen. Stay tuned for a few of the top rustic backsplash ideas to create the perfect family kitchen. 

Design Your Ideal Kitchen With These Rustic Backsplash Ideas


Take your cozy kitchen over the top with refraction tile! Refraction is a mosaic made from stone, glass, and metal made of rectangular and square shapes. Even more, when the various materials and shapes come together with the appearance is similar to that of a pocked surface of a mountain face.

Get the look:

Admire how this Refraction tile blends seamlessly with this bright family kitchen. Contact Unique Building Concepts to create a custom Refraction tile blend reminiscent of this kitchen backsplash.


Try out a simple linear tile for a classic, yet aesthetically pleasing look. Linear mosaic is a series of stacked tile that comes in several neutral colors found readily available in nature. Stone and glass tiles come together to create a mesmerizing pattern of blues, blacks, browns, and taupes.

Get the look:

Your dinner party guests won’t know what to say when they see this Linear tile. Create your own linear mosaic with the help of Unique Building Concepts, whose team of professionals hand-build each pattern.


We are returning to our roots with this rustic backsplash idea! Subway tiles are traditionally used in urban environments like subway stations. However, they have quickly become a rustic kitchen backsplash staple for their simplicity. In addition, subway tile comes in a variety of colors to complement any homey kitchen decor. Overall, this understated material will add character to your country-esque kitchen without distracting the viewer.

Get the look:

Subway tile provides the perfect styling opportunity for any DIY home renovator. Create this impressive look with an Ivory Subway Glass Tile and finish the look with taupe grout.


Make time to research this visionary tile! Tributary is a textured glass tile that comes in several neutral colors found readily available in nature. The textured surface adds dimension without distracting from the overall decor of the kitchen.

This tranquil Wild Mushroom River Random Linear tile adds character to space without distracting from the overall clean lines of the white cabinetry. Dress it up or down with trim or inlay to make the linear tile pop!

Consult An Expert

These are just a few of the many possible rustic backsplash ideas possible for a kitchen reminiscent of a country cottage! Consult with the experts at Unique Building Concepts or one of their authorized dealers to determine which natural backsplash is right for your kitchen decor. In addition, ask about their custom made mosaic tiles. Each mosaic tile is hand-made with your ideal stones to create an eye-catching and cozy kitchen.