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Modern Pool Tile Ideas and Designs

Modern Pool Tile Ideas and Designs

16th Aug 2019

Pools are the outdoor destination for summer fun and relief from the heat!

Nevertheless, now more than ever, pools are more than just a refuge from the heat. Pools are an extension of the home and reflect the overall character of the space. Many designers use this opportunity to use pool tiles to set the mood and make a statement.

Whether you're designing a kid-friendly summer splash pad or a luxury spa oasis, check out these pool tile ideas and designs to create the perfect pool.

Choose a pool-safe tile

Before you make a splash with a creative pool tile design, it’s important to choose a tile that is safe for pool installation! Each tile is created to fulfill a different purpose whether that is to style your kitchen backsplash or line your pool. In this case, pool tiles should withstand chemically treated water, as well as seasonal temperature fluctuations. Keep these factors in mind when choosing a pool-safe tile:

  • Floor Grade Tiles. Tiles are graded by the American Society for Testing and Materials for its ability to withstand normal traffic. The numerical rating system is based on tile thickness and quality. In this case, Grade 3 tile is recommended for pool tiles.
  • Porcelain Enamel Institute Rating. The PEI is a rating system that dictates a glass tile’s ability to resist wear and tear. The higher the roman numeral on the PEI tag, the better the resistance.
  • Water Absorption Rating. The last thing you want is for your tiles to absorb pool water! Ultimately, this will degrade your tiles over time. Choose an impenetrable vitreous or impervious tile for your pool.

For many, pools are a long-term investment to beat the summer heat! Get the most bang for your buck by choosing a tile that will withstand the tests of time.

Make a splash with these pool tile ideas

Pool Mosaic Tile

Mosaic tiles are a visually-intriguing option for pool owners that want to make a statement without going to extremes! This 5/8x5/8 iridescent seashell mosaic tile resembles more of a deep-sea fairytale than a backyard spa. Your pool guests won’t be able to help but gawk as the pool mosaic tile ripples beneath the surface of the water.

Abstract Designs

Let your inner artist shine with abstract pool design. Abstract pool tile designs are a creative and fun way to add character to your outdoor space. Use your imagination to layout the perfect abstract design complete with hidden easter eggs.

Modern Pool Tile

Linear pool tiles are a simple yet modern tile for pools. This linear pool tile deviates from the common square tile for a sleek appearance perfect for any modern spa oasis. Slight variations in the blue tile add personality without detracting from the overall richness of the pool tile.

Gradient Pool Design

This pool tile design is nothing short of elegant. In this case, more is less. A gradient of blue 1x1 tiles frames the tiles receding into a basic white tile. Additionally, it is a savvy ploy to indicate the depth changes of the pool. All in all, this pool tile design is both visually appealing and functional!

Choose the Right Tile

The pool is a gathering place for families and friends to play and relax. Make a statement with these pool tile ideas and entice even the biggest aquaphobe for a quick dip.

Still unsure of your pool tile idea?

Consult the tile experts at Unique Building Concepts and their authorized dealers to determine which pool tile design is appropriate for your outdoor space. In addition, ask about their custom made to order services in which experienced tile designers hand create mosaic arrangements.

Don’t wait another moment. Make a splash and design the perfect mosaic tile!