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Kitchen Stove Backsplash Ideas for an Instant Pop

Kitchen Stove Backsplash Ideas for an Instant Pop

27th Jun 2019

By and large, the kitchen is where the magic happens in any home! More importantly, the stove is where we spend most of our time flipping and stirring. For many households, the area above the stove is a focal point that can be capitalized on to add character and style to the area.

Draw inspiration from a few of our favorite stove backsplash ideas to make your kitchen pop!

Complete the Recipe to a Beautiful Kitchen with these Kitchen Stove Backsplash Ideas

Refreshing Shapes

Oftentimes, designers can become complacent with tile made of standard dimensions and colors. We’re here to tell you to break the mold with interesting shapes that add dimension and stimulate the eyes and brain. This simple trick of the eye can refresh a space and make your stove backsplash pop!

Get the look:

The neutral tones of this all-white kitchen are refreshing. Nevertheless, the Glass Hexagon tile above the stove completes this fresh kitchen.

Get the look:

The beveled edges of this Chaplin tile in combination with the colored mosaic adds dimension. All in all, this tile adds character to this sleek and modern kitchen design.

Edgy Metal Tiles

Metal is a new age material that more and more daring designers are using to spice up their kitchen spaces. In addition, most metals have invaluable traits that make it a viable option for homeowners. For example, stainless steel is durable kitchen backsplash material that is both heat and water-resistant. Even more, with a wide variety of metal options available, the opportunities to spruce up your stove backsplash are endless.

Get the look:

Of all of the metal options, copper is a beautifully unique option. This Antique Copper Mosaic tile makes a statement with varying shades of copper that range from iridescent brown to metallic orange-red.

Get the look:

This pristine, white kitchen is complemented by a sleek stainless steel backsplash. Even more, this Brushed Stainless Steel Windmill Mosaic adds depth with three-dimensional shapes that only a stainless steel tile can achieve.

Splash of Color

By and large, a splash of color may be the simplest yet most effective way to make your kitchen stove backsplash pop! Historically, colors evoke different feelings in the viewer. For example, a bright red can influence feelings of hunger. Or, blue can create a sensation of tranquility. Even more, a diverse color palette allows for unique pairings with countertops and cabinets. From warm neutrals to bold rainbow colors, the possibilities are endless!

Get the look:

All things considered, colored tile is a simple way to add character to a kitchen. For example, take this Sky Blue Subway Glass. The glass subway tile reflects light off of its blue surface and brightens the room.

Mosaic Arrangements

Mosaic tile is a trendy tile option for homeowners who want to stay on the safe side. On the whole, mosaic tile is an arrangement of tiles made of different materials and colors. Even more, the different textures and materials will allow the backsplash to come to life! All things considered, mosaic is a traditional yet creative way to make your stove backsplash stand out from the rest of the kitchen.

Get the look:

A contemporary mosaic inlay is the perfect option to command attention. This Refraction Mosaic captures the neutral colors of the kitchen with a few complementary colors to create an eyecatching stove backsplash.

Take your design to the next step with a custom mosaic. Contact Unique Building Concepts to learn how one of their expert craftsmen can hand make your dream kitchen backsplash.

Talk to the Tile Experts

All in all, the stove backsplash is the focal point of your kitchen. Take the time to consider the minute details of this area, and draw inspiration from these stove backsplash ideas. In addition, consult with the experts at Unique Building Concepts or find an authorized dealer near you to determine which option will allow you to achieve your interior design goals.