About Us


About Us

Unique Building Concepts was founded in 2005 to address many of the inconsistencies that its principals noticed in the building supply industry. UBC strives to adhere to a different set of rules:

  • Offer only the best quality.
  • Deliver more than product; deliver true value.
  • Make certain that inventories are adequate to meet market demands so that customers don't have to wait.
  • Never forget what it was like to be the customer; ensure that every customer is treated the way the Founders would have liked to have been treated: with impeccable service.
  • Keep every promise made.
  • Constantly strive to introduce new products that keep customers coming back.
  • Find efficiencies and pass them on.

By directly sourcing, importing, or manufacturing most of our materials, UBC has been able to be very value conscious while providing a unique variety of products. We constantly try to keep our designs fresh, innovative, and of the highest quality. Through our 30,000 square foot showroom and warehouse in Phoenix, we also offer our customers a “one stop” shopping experience on many of their building needs. Unique Building Concepts specializes to the trade, and has created display materials to help grow your business, or to be able to offer your client’s that special design. Whether it’s servicing the needs of a designer, helping a builder select materials, or shipping products to our numerous showroom partners throughout the country, UBC is a resource that you can count on!


Randy Bultsma
General Manager